Chicago Summer of Learning @ MSI


There are pictures from NVAM interviews at the Museum of Science and Industry as part of the Chicago Summer of Learning Maker Event, August 2013MSI-01-1024x716MSI-1-1024x683MSI-2-1024x683 MSI-3 MSI-4-1024x755 MSI-5-1024x683 MSI-6-1024x683 MSI-7 MSI-8 MSI-9-1024x742 MSI-10 MSI-11-1024x683 MSI-12 MSI-13 MSI-14-1024x796 MSI-16-1024x512 MSI-17-1024x683 MSI-18-1024x580 MSI-19-1024x683 MSI-20-1024x615 MSI-22-1024x683 MSI-23-1024x683 MSI-24 MSI-25 MSI-26-1024x560 MSI-27-1024x772 MSI-28 MSI-29-1024x683