A warrior is… // What is a warrior?

On Thursday March 3, NVAM Teen Council visited the Art Devour Foundation to see veteran artist, Folleh Tamba‘s exhibition “Wars in Our Time“. In response to this exhibition and Folleh’s prolific use of writing and poetry the teens created haikus (a form of traditional Japanese following a 5-7-5 syllable structure) exploring “A warrior is…” or “What is a warrior?”



A warrior is…

Warriors are strong.

They are funny and cool, they

have courage, how about you?



A warrior is…

Warrior the bold.

Masters of war, stand tall now.

Their faith unshaken.


Who am I today?

Torn away or given hope.

Lonely warrior.



What is a warrior?

From rags to armor

Emerged from the thorns of war

Now shines golden trust



A warrior is…

Someone brave and dumb.

Crowded with judgement of all,

Lifting all sorrow.





A warrior is…

Never ending nights

Stand up for love and justice

Sleep is for the weak.



What is a warrior?

Warrior is a

Person who fights for all of

Their friends with honor.




A warrior is…

Person who is brave.

Warrior is a leader.

I’m strong during war.



A warrior is…

Warrior you ask?

Someone big strom smart and fast?

You are your hero.



What is a warrior?

A warrior is,

A leader who conquers fears,

And makes history