Saholt’s Highway to Hell – Pen

The NVAM team and I had gone to see a presentation of a World War II veteran, Richard Saholt. The notes taken were very emotional and inspiring. I never knew that a single human being could have been suffering through so much pain. It made me feel aware of my surroundings and to be grateful to what I have. Throughout the presentation, I could only think about my own uncle who was once a Marine; could he have been feeling the same way?




Contemporary Dance Reflection: Skye

I dances and the ideas being them were interesting and extremely touching. They were also relatable and   they kept my attention.The focus being the poems and how they connected to the dance were artistically creative and gave me a better  look into the war and what happens in it. It also expressed the effects that the war has on several people including the families of the soldiers.

Silence Discussion Review: Skye

The discussion that we had on silence was very informal and interesting. We discussed what silence means to us and how it effects us a person or how it effects our lives and sometimes other peoples lives. I believe that silence can be a positive thing and also sometimes negative depending on the situation. ” Your mouth is like the silencer on James Bond’s pistol.” -Inez. This quote means that silence can either make or break you. Silence  helps me be productive and focus. Silence also can be a downer to certain situations such a bullying or abuse.

He Named Me Malala: Skye

The movie was extremely interesting and it gave me a good outlook on what happens in Iraq, Pakistan, and other Arabian countries. The fact that Malala was named after a female war protester and grew up to do the same things that were fulfilled by the woman in which whom she was named after is a great thing. Also the fact that the woman was shit and killed in war while Malala was shot, survived, and continued to fight was a great achievement and shows strength along with bravery. I recommend the movie for anyone that may be interested.

Twenty Two : Poem by Inez based on Project 22 film

Twenty Two:

They walk in…minds set on returning or dying hero.

Not knowing that a single pull of a trigger out their soul.

They fight and walk, the face of warrior…

Not thinking that their faces could be forgotten as soon as it’s down in the opposing soil.

They come out…


Doubted and crowded by a world that thinks that all of their locks are opened,

Eyes filled with tears,

never to be shed…

Nights of twisted gears,

as they lay in bed…

dreams of war,

And all of those lost,

along with pain, sorrow, and thriving for normal once they have to pay the costs.

Dead and gone…

mentally and physically especially when they’re alone.

Fake smiles,

minds gone wild …

Screaming like a newborn child,

precious hurt, long days…

glorious shame…

Trying to find a better way to get rid of the pain,

by commiserating themselves with pain,

when shifted by memories and shaped by vain.





Howls and screams into the night,


letting go of the fight.

You think its only when they’re in,

when they have the fright,

But its really inside–

their minds,

when they believe the only way out…is suicide.

Lost and not knowing what to do.

Begging for help,

and then for it all to go away,

broken hearts,

pill bottles,

deeper shades…

shadows and darkness fading deeper,

brightness go blue…

lets get out the awareness,

of the shattered heroes…

pick up the pieces,

put them back together…,

and break…the 22.

Intuit Museum: Inez

The museum is very nice and the artist who are showcased are incredible. One artist that was the highlight of the trip but also personally too out to me was Richard Saholt. Shallot was a war veteran who shouldn’t necessarily have been drafted into the war seeing as to the fact that t he had a mental illness prior to. He did his time in the war and came returned with P.T.S.D. a mental illness that sadly, effects a lot of men/women who go into the service. He also was diagnosed with schizophrenia. With this he used his mental illness as an advantage when it came to his art and what he pursued in life. Richard is well known for his collage pieces all based on his mental illness’, the effects that they had on him, and sometimes social/political issue that occurred at the time of his life including that of deaths of celebrities in which whom he felt a somewhat favor to. His art is vey inspiring and gives a great input into the lives of war veterans before/after their service time. I would recommend this museum and its art to anyone who is interested. Very inspiring!

The Things I Carry: Quinn

My item was grenade I think it was very interesting how it had rust on it. It made me wonder how long it sat out after the time of explosion. The items at the NVAM are full of history and all have very interesting stories behind them and the process in making them. During my observation, two items that I felt were related were the grenade and my lighter because the lighter is used for fire but a lot less aggressive amount of fire and a much smaller amount of damage to the environment. When I looked around the room at my peers’ items I noticed people’s organization skills and I learned about their preferences in hygienic items.


The Things I Carry: Skye

The bullet that I saw I believe was significant to the soldier because they may have done some regretful or sad things that affected them in a strong, negative, and distressing way. This is related to me and my constant wearing of hats…in which symbolizes my elementary school life and how I was bullied based on my physical features and personality. I wore hats because I felt that hats were a sort of protection for me and that connects to the bullet in the exhibit.


The Great Artdoors




The National Veterans Art Museum and YOUmedia have partnered together to create The Great Artdoors: a public art workshop series! Teens are invited to participate in the drop-in workshops every other Wednesday from 4:30-5:30PM at YOUmedia on the first floor of the Harold J. Washington Library. Get a preview of what the teens are doing on the Great Artdoors window in the front of the library on Jackson Blvd!

To recap: teens have had a walking tour of the loop, identifying and discussing commercial vs. fine art public art as well as exploring and photographing possible places for creating public art. Teens were introduced to different artists working with graffiti arts including Iraq veteran artist (U.S. Marine Corps) and Hip-Hopper Melvin Lyons. Teens discussed the artists’ processes, how public art can be large scale and intensively planned with a team or more spontaneous and individual, what is legal vs. illegal, and also looking directly at the graffiti laws in Chicago. Teens collected images that represent or inspires them and used these images to make packing tape image transfer and practice wheat pasting.


Here are some reflections of YOUmedia teens on the Great Artdoors:

“I’ve had a wonderful time with Marcus and Moki during my few weeks in The Great Artdoors. I’ve made tape transfers, wheat pastings, and even some calligraphy! I can’t wait to see what projects they come up with in the future.”

-Caleb, 16

“My experience with the workshop so far has been great. I learned how to make wheat paste and I also learned how to reach my inner creativity and embrace it. Like: I liked the wheat-paste activity where I slapped my image on the pillar. Dislike: the breeze when we went out on the field trip. Suggestions: We could spray paint actual walls. Learned: How to get in depth with your creative side and express it doing creative things.”

-Semira, 14

“We went out in the neighborhood about a month or two ago and we looked at street art, murals and sculptures. I like how we keep everyone involved; like how Moki, Marcus, and Daniel keeps everyone involved in the activity. I disliked how we didn’t have enough time to see everything. “

-Maurice, 16

And so it begins… NVAM Teen Council Week 1!

NVAM Teen Council has begun, it is just the beginning but we are already doing some amazing things…

At the end of the first week on Saturday October 4th, 2014, NVAM TC members helped with a local cultural event: Our Portage, celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Portage by Ted Sitting Crow Garner. Portage is an aluminum sculpture by located on Cicero at Six Corners tributing the Native American Heritage of of the area. The teens set up a string of rope and colorful ribbons noting the pathway of a parade that passerbys could write positive messages on. After the parade, NVAM TC participated in an Exquisite Corpse workshop at the NVAM as a part of Chicago Artists Month. Participants were introduced to contemporary veteran artists work and processes. Then everyone got together to start the process of making exquisite corpses and participants ranged from the veteran artists, NVAM staff, NVAM TC, young children and their families, the public from Our Portage and more. Check the NVAM Out Loud Gallery soon for photos of the Exquisite Corpses!

Here are Week 1 Reflections of NVAM Teen Council:

Reflection on Meeting Ned Ricks and Walter Reed by Cristian N.

Meeting Ned & WalterWhen Walter Reed gave us his background and experience in the Holocaust, I felt as if he impacted my full view on war. He told us their is never a winner, only losses due to war. Every person who is killed, is murdered and it does not matter if you were doing to protect your country it is still an act of murder. When Walter said this I felt as if he had opened my eyes to see clearly now. Ned Ricks is also an amazing Veteran, but his look on war and having an army was seemingly positive and something that we needed. Both of these great veterans were opposites of each other. I learned from both from these two amazing people.

Art Gallery: Cristian N.


Title: Going Into the Darkness

Made: July 2014

Description: This is a preview, a quick sketch, of my upcoming final project. As the middle child in my family I feel like it was a hard job to live with. Having to be a role model and follow in a older sibling’s foot steps was something hard for me to do. So when I started to become lazy in school, I felt like I wasn’t fitting the standards my family wanted. I felt like an outcast in my head. This artwork represents these feelings I have. The darkness represents me being overcome with confusion and sadness of not being able to fit in.


Title: Pikachu Stencil

Made: July 2014

Description: This is my first time working with spray paint and making a stencil. We worked with a veteran named Mel and he helped us try our first attempts at spray painting.



Meeting Ned and Walter- Leticia M.

What we learned18 July, 2014

Meeting Ned and Walter was a great experience. Ned was more cheery and cracked many jokes, while Walter spoke a little more serious, yet was still able to keep the conversation light. From Ned I learned that no matter what you go through, you are still able to think positively about the rest of your life. Walter taught me that it was OK to contradict everyone else, even if you are alone. I would like to hear from them again.

Leticia M.


Art Gallery: Natalia S.

During the program, I have had several opportunities to work with different mediums, materials, etc,. and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. I have learned that working with different mediums is okay and even if a medium is something I do not like working with, I realize that I do not have to like it. When I try new things I can make the decision whether I like what I am doing or what I am working with, and sometimes I don’t. I have also learned a lot about putting effort, thought and time into my art. Continue reading “Art Gallery: Natalia S.”

Week 4 Reflection: Natalia S

During the past few weeks of program, I have had the opportunity to meet with several veterans at the museum. This week we were able to meet two veterans, Ned Ricks and Walter Reed, who spoke to us about their experiences in war. Speaking to veterans and being able to listen to their stories has allowed me to realize that every single veteran has a different story to tell, even though they have all experienced war. Each veteran has different opinions about politics, current events, etc., and it is amazing to see how these veterans, who have all somehow been involved in war have so many different things to say.

Week 1 Reflection: Amy H.

For the first week of this program, it has been very interesting and fun. The idea of learning about veterans and learning different art techniques has been fun. I like the fact that the program is taken place in a veterans museum. All the artifacts in the museum shows deep emotions and contains a story. I learned that I need to be more flexible. I keep tying back to the same basic layout and methods, but I feel like this program can help me on it. Its fun to collaborate with other people and see their ideas. I’m excited to see what else will come from this program.