Brian Rock Workshop: No Art for Art’s sake

Brian Rock, from New Mexico came to do a workshop with the NVAM teen council. Brian grew up in Belfast, Ireland during a war, and moved to the U.S. to enlist in the army. He served as a post- 9/11 veteran and was in the army for over 10 years. After serving, he decided to channel his emotions in a healthy way. Instead of punching walls, he threw paint, instead of shooting people, he shot at canvas’s. Cement, dirt, manicans, cigarette ash, shells, photographs, and anything else he could find are all things Brian would mix with paint, and layer onto a extrodinarily large canvas’s. In this workshop we were split into groups of four and were each group was given a canvas, and acrylic paint .We used sand and dirt to create texture in our paintings, some of us added bits of surgical gloves and napkins. We had a fun time letting our selves get messy, and not caring where the paint fell on the canvas. Once we all agreed that we had a nice base with lots of textures and patterns, we switched our canvas with another group’s. We used house paint and the back of a paintbrush to swirl and drizzle the paint. Brian told us to use emotion and to try and think of a feeling when we were layering the colors. In the end, the pieces all look extremely different and unique, we all went around and expained what our piece meant, and what emotion we were trying to convey through the piece. It was a great experience, and a great learning exercise. Thank you Brian Rock.

The artwork created from the workshop: