Week 1 Reflection: Paloma M.


Thoughout this week I did many new things. The drawing was fun although I wasn’t very good at it. The painting was really messy, but I enjoyed it. The hands on art was my favorite, such as the sculpture we made. its been a great experience working with other people, and it really opens my eyes. Although there have been things I’ve faced that I thought I couldn’t do, I was influenced to try and have fun. My favorite activity was the painting we did yesterday, because it taught me that not all art was thought of, but it came naturally. Therefore we don’t have to overthink our art, but just let it happen on its own. I learned many different new techniques in art that I didn’t know. I would have never imagined to find a picture in scribbles. I think I would only need to improve on communication and not to give up when I think I can’t accomplish something.

Week 1 Reflection: Jeremy B.

Jeremy Barnes
27 June, 2014


Week of 6/24 Reflection

I had fun making the exquisite corps pictures on Tuesday and finding out that my Spider-Man ended up becoming Spider-Mermaid. I also really enjoyed painting for the first time yesterday. I really liked the second piece that I painted. I found it intersting that you can paint randomly and actually get a good final product.

I also enjoyed my second time sculpting, which was also yesterday. The first time I sculpted, I made Venom from the Spider-Man comics. Yesterday, I made some cool bird feet for the exquisite corps sculptures. I think I’m actually pretty good at sculpting.

My favorite pieces of artwork here at the museum are all by Richard Yohnka They are four of the six he has here in the current gallery: Shell Game, Dodge’m, Scary-Go-Round, and Arcade Barker.

I kind of didn’t like doing the collage project. I did, however, have fun going outside to take pictures and writing about a memory(ies). I also didn’t really enjoy doing the experimental drawing that we did yesterday. The reason is because I didn’t really find anything in my scribbles un til the very end, and what I did find wasn’t really exciting.




Week 1 Reflection: Ariana H.

This week at the National Veteran Art Museum, it’s very fun because I learned I can paint with forts and with other materials. I can make a beautiful abstract painting and at the end I can see an image in it. I learned that I can find an image in a scribble. I also learned how adding your feelings to a painting or a drawing can tell a story. I feel that art can help people share their feelings without speaking or telling the story to people. That people can see the story without asking questions about the the painting or drawing.

Week 1 Reflection: Milan J

Milan Johnson


During this week’s art projects I enjoyed testing my art skills on a few things that I’ve never tried before…(exquisite corpse). I learned that there are ways to express yourself in ways that are unknown to you in the beginning, but that are realized in the end. An art prject that showed me this was “Free Thinking”, which is a process of finding pictures that you see in doodles and scribbles. Through these projects and making new friends, things I learned that art isn’t just made of mainstream ideas. They are instead made of ideas in general, be it small and spontaneous or ones that are over thought. I also learned that painting and not having control over the idea of what to paint can also be fun because in the end result you get art work that will even surprise you. Not to mention doing these things with other people who feel exactly as you do is just awesome.

Week 1 Reflection: Natalia S.

During my first week at the National Veterans Art Museum, I was really engaged in all the different works of art. I learned so much about collaborating with others through art and even though it was challenging and forced me to step out of my comfort zone, it was loads of fun. When the week first started, we began creating exquisite corpses where a large piece of paper was folded into three parts and then three different people would draw various body parts to form a unique corpse. At first I was worried that the people next in line to draw would ruin what I began, but in the end they all ended up really cool and better than what I had imagined! Continue reading “Week 1 Reflection: Natalia S.”

Week 1 Reflection: Erin A.

June 27, 2014
This week we made exquisite corpse drawings, sculptures, and picture collages. We also experimented with abstract art to let out our emotions without thinking. I felt that the exquisite corpse drawing was my strong suit because even though, we only had five minutes to do our part of the figure, I could insert details and use my favorite medium: markers.


This week was also the first time I tried sculpting. I enjoyed it because I could make the separate parts and then put them together so they were proportional. I did not like the abstract paintings because I had no control and I could not add details.

Artist Bio: Jeremy B.

Artist: Jeremy B.

Age: 16

School: Chicago Bulls College Prep

Interests in Art: Drawing, Coloring with colored pencils

Why I’m at NVAM: I am very interested in history and love art, so this place was perfect for me since it is a veterans art museum. The veteran part about it is related to the history of war, but the museum is actually all about art. I came here for an interview before I started working here, and I loved everything I saw.

Fun Fact: I am really into comic books and comic book characters. I also really love video games and movies.


Artist Bio: Jesus R.

Jesus R.I’m Jesus Romero. I’m 13 years old. The school I attend is St. Cornelius School. My interest (art wise) are Stencil Art, spray painting, and sculpting. Some other stuff I like is rap music. The reason I’m at NVAM (National Veterans Art Museum) is because I like art, and earning money while learning new stuff about art. One fact about me is that I think Eminem is the best rapper alive.

Artist Bio: Victor S.

Victor S.My name is Victor Salgado. I am 13 years of age. The school that I am going to go to is Kelvyn Park High School. What I am Interested in doing (artwise) is sculptures, mole making. The type of thing I like doing while I am making art is listening to music, either Dubstep or hip hop rap. I am at the NVAM (National Veterans Art Museum) because I am Learning about the veterans that were at war, Also new ways to make art.

Artist Bio: Paloma M.

photo (3)My name is Paloma. I am 16 years old. I will graduate from Prosser Career Academy High School in 2016. Photography and Digital Media are my main interests. Creativity is my best subject. I came here to open my mind and learn more about veterans and their stories behind their artwork. I enjoy art and love to hear all the stories behind it. Everyone has different stories on an art piece and to hear them all can help you think better or worse about a certain subject, and to me that’s life changing.

Artist Bio: Erin A.

Erin A.I am Erin Armstrong. I am 14 and going into my sophomore year at Loyola Academy. I came to the National Vaterans Art Museum becuase I am interested in drawing and painting and wanted to do more of it. When I am not doing art, I am reading or listening to music. My favorite bands are Coldplay, Vampire Weekend, and Arcade Fire. I have also read the entire Harry Potter series.

Artist Bio: Milan J.

Snapshot_20140711_3 My name is Milanle’molinardbalenciaga “Milan” Johnson. I am 18 years old and  I graduated from Jones College Prep. I am interested in symbolic art and art with multiple meanings. A fact about my own art is that it  is inspired by my emotions at the time that I am making a piece. Something random about myself is that I can do parkour. The reason I’m at NVAM is because I like the balance it has with artwork, art history, artist and communication as well as the enviroment. Not to mention I get to get paid for the things I like to do!           #JCP,#Lauren,#ArtBio,#MilanJ

Artist Bio: Jayline A.

IMG_1810[1]My name is Jayline Arriaga. I am 16. I go to Von Steuben High School. I focus on mainly drawing but I love discovering new ways to express my art. My name is Jayline but im known as Jlean AlpacaAssassin Arriaga! I love using my third eye to create art! FUNFACT about me is that im a pink haired bike riding hippie! Why am I at NVAM? Because I love art and the museum!