Fall 2016 It’s a Wrap!

NVAM Teen Council ASM Fall 2016

What you expected coming in:

Freestyle Art/Relaxing Work

New Opportunities

A lot more drawing and painting

For Anne to be bae

New people

It will be awkward talking to people because I don’t like talking to people


I will be quiet and shy

New art projects

New painting skills


Making new friends

What it was actually like:

Cold, work, small space


Exciting and interesting


Hilarious! Loving, memorial, meaningful, exciting, awkward, packed

Fun, chill, safe space!!!

I was “myself” a bit too much, but very fun! 10/10 Would Teen Council again

Class related scene. Using art to connect to the museum. Still relaxing work.

Fun, but really crowded.

Took longer to the paint cause of the litter time during the week

Opinions overload

What was the most challenging aspect of program:


Being open, but not at the same time

Getting critique on artwork



Making space for time (time management)

Fitting it in with busy life

Artist statement

Have space or the artist statement

Not getting crazy and biting my tongue

What do you feel you improved on the most:


I have been more creative

Being likeable <3

Painting and texture

I tried new materials which was my goal (markers)

More talkative/open

My painting skills

Painting, I wasn’t that great at painting till now

I felt I improved on creativity

Painting more

Working as a group

Biggest take-away:

Able to become a little more outgoing

The picture i drew


I learned new painting skills

New friends

New great friends

Come on time and be prepared

Maybe it’s best not to state your negative opinions

Stay in Saturdays (being at home)

Push my art more

Sleeping in on Saturday and trying to finish my homework on time

New Goals:

Be less.. “Kurt”

Be nice to people who shouldn’t be treated nice

Expand in art

Passing Junior year and doing well in ACT

Glitter works

Paint more and improve on it

Not to judge people

Better at drawing

Practice pencil art/doodles

Paint more

Be more creative

Learning to expand my art mediums

Try oil painting

Advice for new members:

Push yourself

Bring Ramen

Always do your best

Just do what you do best, but learn new things

One person should bring food for one day for everyone

Bring food

Believe in yourself

Think positive

Plan ahead if you are going to take the CTA

Be nice

Prepare yourself for anything

Never wear nice clothes unless you are told to do so

Make sure to get out of your comfort zone and just try new materials if you are an expert with watercolors try acrylic lol

Bring money for food because they have good places around here

Comments/Questions (I wonder if…):

I wonder if breaks will ever get longer

I wonder if we would make more paintings if we have more time

I wonder if we could go beyond the surface when talking about mental illness

I wonder why is there segregation with people in program

You look a bit to be hungry

I wish we could Get along

I wish we had breaks on weekdays

I wonder why

The roof occasionally leaks but not often

I wonder if we could get lunch break on Tuesday and Thursday

I wonder if they should have program all year

I wonder if we will ever use oil paint