Intuit Museum: Inez

The museum is very nice and the artist who are showcased are incredible. One artist that was the highlight of the trip but also personally too out to me was Richard Saholt. Shallot was a war veteran who shouldn’t necessarily have been drafted into the war seeing as to the fact that t he had a mental illness prior to. He did his time in the war and came returned with P.T.S.D. a mental illness that sadly, effects a lot of men/women who go into the service. He also was diagnosed with schizophrenia. With this he used his mental illness as an advantage when it came to his art and what he pursued in life. Richard is well known for his collage pieces all based on his mental illness’, the effects that they had on him, and sometimes social/political issue that occurred at the time of his life including that of deaths of celebrities in which whom he felt a somewhat favor to. His art is vey inspiring and gives a great input into the lives of war veterans before/after their service time. I would recommend this museum and its art to anyone who is interested. Very inspiring!