NVAM Reflection – Emily T.

My experience at NVAM teen council was wonderful. When I signed up, I didn’t realize that I would be meeting teens from different grades and schools. An unexpected event was the fact that I made so many new friends at teen council. Moki and Alison were both wonderful instructors that have helped me learn and open up to new ideas. They are both adults I can trust and share any problems I had in school or in my life. They also provided many field trips to expand our knowledge of a veteran’s life and thoughts. We were given the chance to create an ofrenda to commemorate the twenty-two veterans that commit suicide on a daily basis. After creating the ofrenda, we got to display it at a public area with many other foundations who have created ofrendas for their passed loved ones. Another project we worked on was a repeated wallpaper activity. This activity was quite complicated at first, but the finishing piece took me by surprise by how great it turned out. I will definitely be applying this activity in my future life; whether I decide to create a pattern for clothes or a repeated pattern for my personal enjoyment. Overall, my experience at NVAM was incredible because of the enjoyment and the great memories I created with my fellow peers throughout these past few months.