Summer 2016 Week 1

First Day- Tuesday July 5, 2016
For the first day of teen council at the National Veterans Art Museum, we took a tour around the museum and the general teen space we will be working on our future work. After most of the roster arrived to the museum, we all did introductions of each teen present to get to know each other. We later participated in a Q and A of Ned Rick’s experience as a veteran. After Ned’s presentation, we ended the day with in progress work on self-portraits onto little post cards.

Second Day – Wednesday July 6, 2016
On the second day, the NVAM teen council completed their self-portrait post cards. Next, we began our next project: creating covers for personal sketchbooks. We worked on the covers for the rest of the day.

Third Day – Thursday July 7, 2016
NVAM teen council continued on their covers before transitioning in sowing out their personal sketchbooks. We added paper inside the cover before puncturing in holes to sow the sketchbook together. The teen council independently wrote twenty-five memories on their first page of the sketchbook. After some critical thinking, we broke down into three to five memories and descriptively demonstrated our memories. Our final decision was to choose one particular memory and look back to at least five objects in the event. We sketched the objects in our sketchbooks.

Fourth Day – Friday July 8, 2016
On the last day of the first week of NVAM teen council, we chose one memory to use for a theme of our new project. Each of us chose unique ways and art styles to project what we remember. We chose different materials for patterns and used 3D effects to add more details. After finishing up our project, we wrote reflections to how we felt at the beginning of the week to how we feel now.