NVAM Out Loud sculpts! (With reflection by Natalia S.)

The teen council took their clay making skills to a whole new level by expressing themselves during a sculpture activity. Since this occurred around the same time as midterms, the lesson was left open-ended, allowing for the teens to create whatever was on their minds. Check out the results!

sculpture1sculpture2 adam sculpture 1adam sculptiure 2 IMG_1660 jayline sculpture erin sculpture  erin sculpture 1erin sculpture 2 daryl sculpture chris sculpture 1        skye sculpture 2 roselle sculpture


Here’s a reflection by NVAM Out Loud member Natalia S.:

“I thought that the sculpture activity was pretty interesting. I was able to physically use my hands and fingers to mold something that appealed to me. At first, I really wasn’t so sure what I should make. I tried making a turtle but it was a bit of a dramatic choice for my first time sculpting and I wasn’t really sure how to go about making it. I kept rolling around the clay and practicing with it in my fingers and then BAM I decided to make corals. I love marine biology. My desire to learn more about the topic inspired me to create an oceanic creature. To add a little more texture and make it stand out, I decided to blend pink and yellow together to create a two toned coral sculpture. It actually turned out super cool! I can’t wait to see how it looks when it dries.”

sculpture3natalia sculpture 3 natalia sculpture 2 natalia sculpture 1

Check One, Two!

The National Veterans Art Museum celebrated African American History Month with our “Check One, Two!” free emcee workshop hosted by USMC veteran and artist Mel L.Workshop attendees explored voice projection, creative writing, and freestyle rhyming in our interactive gallery space, marking the second successful creative community workshop in February.

Christina L. Moving Collage

This art piece is made out of wooden blocks and a print out of the original artist's drawing.
This art piece is made out of wooden blocks and a print out of the original artist’s drawing hide.

The way I got inspiration to create this art piece is from laying on my bed one day checking my Tumblr, and I saw a picture of a women going up to her closet picking out a mask to wear. The reason why this particular picture gave me so much inspiration is because I realized that so many people hide their true emotions, and cover it up with the words “I’m fine” when in reality the person is not fine. In conclusion, this art piece represents the true emotions that each person try’s to hide.

Christina L. Accordion Book




I made this art piece from paper, sharpies, and patterned paper.
I made this art piece from paper, sharpies, and patterned paper.

I strongly disagree with the saying “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” The reason why I made this particular art piece is because while the saying goes when “sticks and stones can break my bones”,  I personally think that “words can hurt the most.” This art piece is supposed to represent who I am, and includes my story, what I’ve been through throughout my life. Through the struggles, and hardships I think words still stick to me today. Although, I have forgiven the people, I have not really forgotten. In my personal opinion I would rather take a punch to the face, than rather have rumors spread about me. I choose to close this chapter in my life, and decide to build my self a new book, with a fresh start.

Every Day Life

This picture is about every day life and what people got through all the time they wake up get on there phones then they go to school talk with there friends they go home go to sleep wake up and repeat. But sometimes they do something different and maybe they meet the person they think is the love of there life and every thing seems perfect and they are happy then the next day they break up there hurt but they do move on.They focus on school pass get good jobs and have great families and live happily ever after.

-Kemon C.