Artist Bio: Paloma M.

photo (3)My name is Paloma. I am 16 years old. I will graduate from Prosser Career Academy High School in 2016. Photography and Digital Media are my main interests. Creativity is my best subject. I came here to open my mind and learn more about veterans and their stories behind their artwork. I enjoy art and love to hear all the stories behind it. Everyone has different stories on an art piece and to hear them all can help you think better or worse about a certain subject, and to me that’s life changing.

Artist Bio: Erin A.

Erin A.I am Erin Armstrong. I am 14 and going into my sophomore year at Loyola Academy. I came to the National Vaterans Art Museum becuase I am interested in drawing and painting and wanted to do more of it. When I am not doing art, I am reading or listening to music. My favorite bands are Coldplay, Vampire Weekend, and Arcade Fire. I have also read the entire Harry Potter series.

Artist Bio: Milan J.

Snapshot_20140711_3 My name is Milanle’molinardbalenciaga “Milan” Johnson. I am 18 years old and  I graduated from Jones College Prep. I am interested in symbolic art and art with multiple meanings. A fact about my own art is that it  is inspired by my emotions at the time that I am making a piece. Something random about myself is that I can do parkour. The reason I’m at NVAM is because I like the balance it has with artwork, art history, artist and communication as well as the enviroment. Not to mention I get to get paid for the things I like to do!           #JCP,#Lauren,#ArtBio,#MilanJ

Artist Bio: Jayline A.

IMG_1810[1]My name is Jayline Arriaga. I am 16. I go to Von Steuben High School. I focus on mainly drawing but I love discovering new ways to express my art. My name is Jayline but im known as Jlean AlpacaAssassin Arriaga! I love using my third eye to create art! FUNFACT about me is that im a pink haired bike riding hippie! Why am I at NVAM? Because I love art and the museum!