Cristian N. Meeting Mac MacDervitt

Meeting Mac MacDervitt was a wonderful experience to have. To find out that there is an art category that allows the viewer of the artwork to have full control of how they think and want the artwork to look is astonishing to me. I feel that connects the artist and the viewer in a way that the original piece of art can be seen and could be left alone, but at the same time the viewer may change the art to his or her liking. The picture below shows my look on this piece, my own imagination and creativity was put into this piece.  I enjoyed exploring this art and I will say I would like sometime in the future to try one day.

The Dark Side Of America

Reflection on Meeting Ned Ricks and Walter Reed by Cristian N.

Meeting Ned & WalterWhen Walter Reed gave us his background and experience in the Holocaust, I felt as if he impacted my full view on war. He told us their is never a winner, only losses due to war. Every person who is killed, is murdered and it does not matter if you were doing to protect your country it is still an act of murder. When Walter said this I felt as if he had opened my eyes to see clearly now. Ned Ricks is also an amazing Veteran, but his look on war and having an army was seemingly positive and something that we needed. Both of these great veterans were opposites of each other. I learned from both from these two amazing people.

Art Gallery: Cristian N.


Title: Going Into the Darkness

Made: July 2014

Description: This is a preview, a quick sketch, of my upcoming final project. As the middle child in my family I feel like it was a hard job to live with. Having to be a role model and follow in a older sibling’s foot steps was something hard for me to do. So when I started to become lazy in school, I felt like I wasn’t fitting the standards my family wanted. I felt like an outcast in my head. This artwork represents these feelings I have. The darkness represents me being overcome with confusion and sadness of not being able to fit in.


Title: Pikachu Stencil

Made: July 2014

Description: This is my first time working with spray paint and making a stencil. We worked with a veteran named Mel and he helped us try our first attempts at spray painting.



Art Gallery: Amy H.

For my final project, I’m going to make a portrait collage that is made from pictures that symbolizes the memories of my past. To show how these events have created me to the person I am today. It would be a combination of painting, drawings, and magazines on a 16 x 20 canvas.

Finished Artwork vs Unfinished Artwork by Cristian N.

“Finished” Artwork?
A finished work of art can portray a message to extent that the viwer can understand the message fully. The artwork can also be decided if the artist thinks his or her artwork fit their idea and or met the message they wanted to express to the viewers.

“Finished Art” Vs. “Unfinished Art”
The difference between “Finished Art” and “Unfinished art” is based on a person’s perspective of the art piece. The artist may say that art piece is finished or unfinished and the viewer can say the opposite. It may also depend on the message being sent from the artist to the viewer. If the viewer cannot fully comprehend the message the artist tried to portray, the viewer may think it is “Unfinished.” So in the end, it mainly depends on the person’s point of view on the Artwork

Gallery Reflection by Cristian N.


A Response to “P.O.W.”

John McManus
Served in U.S. Army, Vietnam
Alabaster and Bronze
“P.O.W”, or “Prisoner of War”, is a scuplture that shows how frightening and tough it was being a Prisoner of War was. It shows the troubles of P.O.W. from the tightness of the rope to the blindfold. Both restrained the man from his freedoms of being a human being and kept a captive. With the ropes around him, he is being restrained from being to move freely , in which takes his freedom of movement away. The blindfold takes the man’s sight, which takes the man away from the light of freedom and puts him in the dark. I can sense the emotions of pain, sorrow, and fear being protrayed by the sculpture. The pain is expressed by the ropes being so tight that it makes an indent into his ribcage and the blood trickling down his back and shoulders. The sorrow is from him being restrained from his senses and the pain he went through. The scuplture may seem as if he is not scared, but deep down he must be filled with fear of might happen because he is a prisoner. I can relate to this situation, having fear deep down and not trying to express and keep it in. “P.O.W.” was an amazing piece of Veteran’s Artwork.