Cross Regional Art Exhibit hosted by NVAM

This is the cross regional photo and media art exhibit. In it were the following programs; NVAM OUT LOUD, Elevarte: Community Studio, Seeking the Hero Within: digital photography with Monica Cruz & Orlando Comacho, and digital photography graphic design with Peter Chechopoulos. We put this all together both separately and together. Each program made their pieces within their own program but when it came to the big day we all came together to make it happen.
In it were various pieces ranging from clay sculptures, woodblock photography, sketching, painting, digital artwork, videos, installations, and many more. We also had some art that we gave away…things like buttons or zines that were made to link with our final art pieces. We wanted other people to try comprehending and understanding our work the way that we see it. Therefore we all put together this art exhibit and made it open to the public so that they can see it our way. We feel the show was a great success because each piece told one of the artists stories, and were all appreciated by all of whom may have looked at our pieces because it brought them closer to understanding who we are.

Art Gallery: Eric H.

From Drawing to Painting an Arts Workshop with Jerry Frech

July 12th, 2014 From Drawing to Painting an Arts Workshop with Jerry Frech
July 12th, 2014
Jerry Frech, Iraq War Veteran in the U.S. Air Force in Security Forces, taught a free workshop open to the public on how to move from drawing to painting at NVAM

Jerry says, “I have found that a lot of folks won’t paint because they don’t know where to start and would prefer to keep drawing. This workshop will help students learn how to ‘cross the bridge’ into painting.”