After School Matters at the NVAM

Summer 2014 ASM Art 1This summer, we were honored to work with 16 talented teens that came to us from throughout the city as a part of the After School Matters apprenticeship program.  For 6 weeks, the group worked in the museum learning about different approaches to making art and how to use these skills  to share narratives, memories and response to experience.
Teens in the program developed their own final projects after experimenting with art processes including digital photography, video production, graffiti, drawing, paintings and clay sculpture.  These art works and installations will be on display at NVAM on August 1 for the ASM Summer Regional Art Exhibition and at the Chicago Cultural Center on August 14th for the Chicago City of Learning Summer Showcase.

Week 1 Reflection: Elliana G.


This week I learned how uptight I am. I have always known what I like so this week was the first time it struck me how badly I deal with others’ assistance or opinions. Because we focused so strongly on these elements in particular, through projects such as consequences and exquisite corpses, I had a very rough start. I don’t really enjoy sharing my art with others mid-­process because of the release of control that it requires, and I was tested by the collaborations and restrictions placed on us for the first few projects. As it turned out, however, I made a piece that I was relatively happy with. The assignment was to paint an abstract picture with no preconceived images of what we wanted to make. We had to paint with weird materials such as forks and string and just let our emotions take over. The third of the three paintings that I made surprised me because I actually liked the final product. Hopefully I will get better at loosening up as the weeks progress.


Week 1 Reflection: Erin A.

June 27, 2014
This week we made exquisite corpse drawings, sculptures, and picture collages. We also experimented with abstract art to let out our emotions without thinking. I felt that the exquisite corpse drawing was my strong suit because even though, we only had five minutes to do our part of the figure, I could insert details and use my favorite medium: markers.


This week was also the first time I tried sculpting. I enjoyed it because I could make the separate parts and then put them together so they were proportional. I did not like the abstract paintings because I had no control and I could not add details.