Reflection on Meeting Ned Ricks and Walter Reed by Cristian N.

Meeting Ned & WalterWhen Walter Reed gave us his background and experience in the Holocaust, I felt as if he impacted my full view on war. He told us their is never a winner, only losses due to war. Every person who is killed, is murdered and it does not matter if you were doing to protect your country it is still an act of murder. When Walter said this I felt as if he had opened my eyes to see clearly now. Ned Ricks is also an amazing Veteran, but his look on war and having an army was seemingly positive and something that we needed. Both of these great veterans were opposites of each other. I learned from both from these two amazing people.

Art Gallery: Cristian N.


Title: Going Into the Darkness

Made: July 2014

Description: This is a preview, a quick sketch, of my upcoming final project. As the middle child in my family I feel like it was a hard job to live with. Having to be a role model and follow in a older sibling’s foot steps was something hard for me to do. So when I started to become lazy in school, I felt like I wasn’t fitting the standards my family wanted. I felt like an outcast in my head. This artwork represents these feelings I have. The darkness represents me being overcome with confusion and sadness of not being able to fit in.


Title: Pikachu Stencil

Made: July 2014

Description: This is my first time working with spray paint and making a stencil. We worked with a veteran named Mel and he helped us try our first attempts at spray painting.



Art Gallery: Jeremy B.

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Art Gallery: Ariana H.

These past four weeks at NVAM we have being working on drawing our memories and talking to veterans about their experiences in war. My favorite piece that I made in the past four week is The Green Land because I was free to us my hands or forks instead of traditional mediums.

Artwork by Jesus R.

These four past weeks at NVAM have thought me a lot about art that I didn’t know, and gave me experiences I have never had. For example, I have never drew about my memories and I have never combined my memories with anyone else’s memories. One thing I learned from talking to veterans and learning from their experiences is that once you shoot a human being it stays with you forever, and before I came to NVAM I thought once you kill a person you never think about it again, and go on with your life.

Meeting Ned and Walter- Leticia M.

What we learned18 July, 2014

Meeting Ned and Walter was a great experience. Ned was more cheery and cracked many jokes, while Walter spoke a little more serious, yet was still able to keep the conversation light. From Ned I learned that no matter what you go through, you are still able to think positively about the rest of your life. Walter taught me that it was OK to contradict everyone else, even if you are alone. I would like to hear from them again.

Leticia M.


Ned and Walter Reflection by Jeremy B.

Jeremy ReflectionI wrote this because Ned had a very positive attitude, especially compared to most veterans who visit. He talked about serving as if he really liked it, which most veterans don’t. Ned was really funny too, as was Walter. However, Walter was way more serious than Ned. He was mostly serious, but he did crack a couple jokes every now and then. They were both really cool people, and I had fun meeting the two of them and hearing their stories.


Art Gallery: Eric H.

Art Gallery: Natalia S.

During the program, I have had several opportunities to work with different mediums, materials, etc,. and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. I have learned that working with different mediums is okay and even if a medium is something I do not like working with, I realize that I do not have to like it. When I try new things I can make the decision whether I like what I am doing or what I am working with, and sometimes I don’t. I have also learned a lot about putting effort, thought and time into my art. Continue reading “Art Gallery: Natalia S.”

Art Gallery: Amy H.

For my final project, I’m going to make a portrait collage that is made from pictures that symbolizes the memories of my past. To show how these events have created me to the person I am today. It would be a combination of painting, drawings, and magazines on a 16 x 20 canvas.

Week 4 Reflection: Natalia S

During the past few weeks of program, I have had the opportunity to meet with several veterans at the museum. This week we were able to meet two veterans, Ned Ricks and Walter Reed, who spoke to us about their experiences in war. Speaking to veterans and being able to listen to their stories has allowed me to realize that every single veteran has a different story to tell, even though they have all experienced war. Each veteran has different opinions about politics, current events, etc., and it is amazing to see how these veterans, who have all somehow been involved in war have so many different things to say.

Interview with Ned and Walter: Amy H.

Ned seems different from other veterans. He seems very silly and positive compared to the other veterans we had so far. Ned chose to go into war instead of being drafted in. I think the fact that his family has always been in the military influenced him to go into the military also.  I think it was the fact that it was a choice made him more positive than other veterans. He was proud of doing his part for his country.

Walter was very different compared to Ned. He was more serious and has a more negative view on war. Walter told us how he tried to dispose of all the equipment he used from during the war. It wasn’t until later when he recovered a jacket he was honored with from battle that made him want to remember the times he had through the Holocaust and World War II. Walter was strong and war took much away from him

This is me showing what I have learned from meeting veterans.
This is me showing what I have learned from meeting veterans.

Gallery Reflection by Jeremy B.

Arcade Barker (60 x 48 in.)

Oil and Emulsion on Canvas

By: Richard Yohnka – Served in U.S. Army, Vietnam


The artist seems to like tigers because he has something that looks like a tiger in four of the six pieces he has on the current gallery floor. All of his pieces are very creepy, and my four favorite works by him are all very colorful as well.

Arcade Barker is my favorite of the following four by Yohnka: Scary-Go-Round, Arcade Barker, Shell Game, and Dodge’m. It seems to have bunnies striped with tiger-like patterns, but each has its own unique color. Everything with a face in this piece has rather sharp teeth, including these bunnies. This may be one reason why it’s so disturbing. I notice that the bunnies seem to be defying gravity. They are running around two circles that are positioned toward the top of the painting. I also notice that all of the bunnies on the right are running in the same direction. However on the circle to the left of the piece, two of the three bunnies are running clockwise, while the other is running counter-clockwise into one of the others. I find this quite strange and interesting. The being that is front-and-center in this piece has a tiger head but a human body. It looks as if he is welcoming people to the arcade. There are two sets of three guns each on each side of him. They are standing upright against each other. There is a blue, red, and yellow rifle in each set. I notice that the set on the left of the painting has a red rifle on the left, blue toward the back, and yellow on the right. From this set to the one on the right, it seems that the colors rotated clockwise because the red is now toward the back, the blue on the right, and the yellow on the left. There is also another figure to the right of the tiger-headed man who seems to be wearing a party hat. This character has a red dot on each cheek and a red dot in the middle of three vertically-positioned dots on the hat. The other two dots on the hat are blue. This character seems to be wearing a uniform, while the tiger-headed character is shirtless. I think there are targets all around this arcade game. I guess players need to shoot, or try to shoot, the targets with the rifles on the left and right. There is also three ghost-looking things above the tiger head. They seem to be hanging from poles or something attached to their backs. It looks like one of these ghost creatures is waving. Another thing I found odd about this piece is that these three ghosts look very friendly but the bunnies mentioned earlier look very scary and threatening. This is strange to me because usually it is the opposite. Bunnies are usually portrayed as very friendly and cute creatures, while ghosts are usually very scary. This piece is very pleasing to the eye because it is so colorful and fun to look at for me beacuse I find something new in it each time I look at it.

Finished/Unfinished Works of Art by Jeremy B.

Finished/Unfinished Works of Art

A finished work of art looks like whatever the artist wants it to look like. Other people may look at a piece of artwork and think that is is not finished, However, it may, indeed, be finished, according to the artist. It all depends on the artist’s vision on what he/she tried to do with the piece.

A finished work of art is something that the artist is proud of and something that requires nothing else to be added to it. An unfinished work of art is something that require some finishing touches or some changes. It can be something an artist is still working on or not yet proud of.

When is a Work of Art Finished and Unfinished? by Natalia S.

In my opinion, a work of art is never actually finished because there is always room for improvement or other ideas. However, it is completely up to the artist to decide whether he fulfilled his idea and if he fully expressed what he had in mind in his art. An artist can also make changes in his or her art. For example, if you make a mistake in a painting or decide that you want to change something later on, you can. If you make a mistake creating a drawing, you can take an eraser and fix it. Art will never be perfect and it all depends on how you see it. An artist’s opinion is the opinion that counts.

Week 1 Reflection: Amy H.

For the first week of this program, it has been very interesting and fun. The idea of learning about veterans and learning different art techniques has been fun. I like the fact that the program is taken place in a veterans museum. All the artifacts in the museum shows deep emotions and contains a story. I learned that I need to be more flexible. I keep tying back to the same basic layout and methods, but I feel like this program can help me on it. Its fun to collaborate with other people and see their ideas. I’m excited to see what else will come from this program.

Week 1 Reflection: Elliana G.


This week I learned how uptight I am. I have always known what I like so this week was the first time it struck me how badly I deal with others’ assistance or opinions. Because we focused so strongly on these elements in particular, through projects such as consequences and exquisite corpses, I had a very rough start. I don’t really enjoy sharing my art with others mid-­process because of the release of control that it requires, and I was tested by the collaborations and restrictions placed on us for the first few projects. As it turned out, however, I made a piece that I was relatively happy with. The assignment was to paint an abstract picture with no preconceived images of what we wanted to make. We had to paint with weird materials such as forks and string and just let our emotions take over. The third of the three paintings that I made surprised me because I actually liked the final product. Hopefully I will get better at loosening up as the weeks progress.


Week 1 Reflection: Paloma M.


Thoughout this week I did many new things. The drawing was fun although I wasn’t very good at it. The painting was really messy, but I enjoyed it. The hands on art was my favorite, such as the sculpture we made. its been a great experience working with other people, and it really opens my eyes. Although there have been things I’ve faced that I thought I couldn’t do, I was influenced to try and have fun. My favorite activity was the painting we did yesterday, because it taught me that not all art was thought of, but it came naturally. Therefore we don’t have to overthink our art, but just let it happen on its own. I learned many different new techniques in art that I didn’t know. I would have never imagined to find a picture in scribbles. I think I would only need to improve on communication and not to give up when I think I can’t accomplish something.

Week 1 Reflection: Jeremy B.

Jeremy Barnes
27 June, 2014


Week of 6/24 Reflection

I had fun making the exquisite corps pictures on Tuesday and finding out that my Spider-Man ended up becoming Spider-Mermaid. I also really enjoyed painting for the first time yesterday. I really liked the second piece that I painted. I found it intersting that you can paint randomly and actually get a good final product.

I also enjoyed my second time sculpting, which was also yesterday. The first time I sculpted, I made Venom from the Spider-Man comics. Yesterday, I made some cool bird feet for the exquisite corps sculptures. I think I’m actually pretty good at sculpting.

My favorite pieces of artwork here at the museum are all by Richard Yohnka They are four of the six he has here in the current gallery: Shell Game, Dodge’m, Scary-Go-Round, and Arcade Barker.

I kind of didn’t like doing the collage project. I did, however, have fun going outside to take pictures and writing about a memory(ies). I also didn’t really enjoy doing the experimental drawing that we did yesterday. The reason is because I didn’t really find anything in my scribbles un til the very end, and what I did find wasn’t really exciting.




Week 1 Reflection: Milan J

Milan Johnson


During this week’s art projects I enjoyed testing my art skills on a few things that I’ve never tried before…(exquisite corpse). I learned that there are ways to express yourself in ways that are unknown to you in the beginning, but that are realized in the end. An art prject that showed me this was “Free Thinking”, which is a process of finding pictures that you see in doodles and scribbles. Through these projects and making new friends, things I learned that art isn’t just made of mainstream ideas. They are instead made of ideas in general, be it small and spontaneous or ones that are over thought. I also learned that painting and not having control over the idea of what to paint can also be fun because in the end result you get art work that will even surprise you. Not to mention doing these things with other people who feel exactly as you do is just awesome.