Jessica T. Moving Collage

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After Mac MacDervitt and participating in activities with his interactive art collages, my fellow colleagues and I made our own moving collages. I based my collage off an original art work from the National Veterans Art Museum and combined the piece with three pictures of my favorite place/activity, my school, and aspects of my life. In the end, the pieces worked beautifully with one another and formed an interesting and creative composition. Instead of using wooden blocks or thin cardboard to base my collage on, I used a Styrofoam-like blocks that were transparent and brought light through my moving collage. The fact that they were light weight and playful was very helpful and related to my collage’s purpose of showing life being full of colors, activities, perspectives and forms of “obstacles” or how you could rearrange¬†certain “blocks” of your life and create something better or more insightful and lively.

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