NVAM Out Loud sculpts! (With reflection by Natalia S.)

The teen council took their clay making skills to a whole new level by expressing themselves during a sculpture activity. Since this occurred around the same time as midterms, the lesson was left open-ended, allowing for the teens to create whatever was on their minds. Check out the results!

sculpture1sculpture2 adam sculpture 1adam sculptiure 2 IMG_1660 jayline sculpture erin sculpture  erin sculpture 1erin sculpture 2 daryl sculpture chris sculpture 1        skye sculpture 2 roselle sculpture


Here’s a reflection by NVAM Out Loud member Natalia S.:

“I thought that the sculpture activity was pretty interesting. I was able to physically use my hands and fingers to mold something that appealed to me. At first, I really wasn’t so sure what I should make. I tried making a turtle but it was a bit of a dramatic choice for my first time sculpting and I wasn’t really sure how to go about making it. I kept rolling around the clay and practicing with it in my fingers and then BAM I decided to make corals. I love marine biology. My desire to learn more about the topic inspired me to create an oceanic creature. To add a little more texture and make it stand out, I decided to blend pink and yellow together to create a two toned coral sculpture. It actually turned out super cool! I can’t wait to see how it looks when it dries.”

sculpture3natalia sculpture 3 natalia sculpture 2 natalia sculpture 1

Natalia S- Accordion Book

Paper, marker, pencil, more markers...
Paper, marker, pencil, more markers…

The idea behind my accordion book has a lot to do with how I think life works. Different aspects of life (in this case, my book has dots that are made up of a bunch of different colors) add up and come together to form a single idea, thought, or symbol that mean something. In my pamphlet, I drew flowers, hearts, patterns, etc., things I draw or think about on a day to day basis.

Art Gallery: Natalia S.

During the program, I have had several opportunities to work with different mediums, materials, etc,. and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. I have learned that working with different mediums is okay and even if a medium is something I do not like working with, I realize that I do not have to like it. When I try new things I can make the decision whether I like what I am doing or what I am working with, and sometimes I don’t. I have also learned a lot about putting effort, thought and time into my art. Continue reading “Art Gallery: Natalia S.”

Art Gallery: Amy H.

For my final project, I’m going to make a portrait collage that is made from pictures that symbolizes the memories of my past. To show how these events have created me to the person I am today. It would be a combination of painting, drawings, and magazines on a 16 x 20 canvas.

Week 4 Reflection: Natalia S

During the past few weeks of program, I have had the opportunity to meet with several veterans at the museum. This week we were able to meet two veterans, Ned Ricks and Walter Reed, who spoke to us about their experiences in war. Speaking to veterans and being able to listen to their stories has allowed me to realize that every single veteran has a different story to tell, even though they have all experienced war. Each veteran has different opinions about politics, current events, etc., and it is amazing to see how these veterans, who have all somehow been involved in war have so many different things to say.

When is a Work of Art Finished and Unfinished? by Natalia S.

In my opinion, a work of art is never actually finished because there is always room for improvement or other ideas. However, it is completely up to the artist to decide whether he fulfilled his idea and if he fully expressed what he had in mind in his art. An artist can also make changes in his or her art. For example, if you make a mistake in a painting or decide that you want to change something later on, you can. If you make a mistake creating a drawing, you can take an eraser and fix it. Art will never be perfect and it all depends on how you see it. An artist’s opinion is the opinion that counts.

Week 1 Reflection: Natalia S.

During my first week at the National Veterans Art Museum, I was really engaged in all the different works of art. I learned so much about collaborating with others through art and even though it was challenging and forced me to step out of my comfort zone, it was loads of fun. When the week first started, we began creating exquisite corpses where a large piece of paper was folded into three parts and then three different people would draw various body parts to form a unique corpse. At first I was worried that the people next in line to draw would ruin what I began, but in the end they all ended up really cool and better than what I had imagined! Continue reading “Week 1 Reflection: Natalia S.”