NVAM Volunteer and Vietnam Veteran Ned Ricks: Revisiting the 10th Calvary, Vietnam 70-71

“When I first viewed Ken Howard’s collection of pictures, it was as if I had encountered a long lost cousin or brother and started sharing memories. We would start with, “Do you remember the time we…” And we would  end up nodding and  smiling, not so much at what had occurred, but more from the experience that someone else had the same memory, the same album of experiences and impressions in their mind as well. His work took me back over forty years to bring some of those memories to just yesterday.”

-Ned Ricks

Ned Ricks, along with being one of our most dedicated volunteers at NVAM, is a retired Major of US Army Reserve and served as the Commanding Officer of  Troop C, 1st Squadron in the 10th Calvary in Vietnam from 1970-71. We are honored to have this video as a testament to the service of Ned and his squadron. We would like to thank Ken Howard for sharing this video with us and giving permission to share it online.

Interview with Ned and Walter: Amy H.

Ned seems different from other veterans. He seems very silly and positive compared to the other veterans we had so far. Ned chose to go into war instead of being drafted in. I think the fact that his family has always been in the military influenced him to go into the military also.  I think it was the fact that it was a choice made him more positive than other veterans. He was proud of doing his part for his country.

Walter was very different compared to Ned. He was more serious and has a more negative view on war. Walter told us how he tried to dispose of all the equipment he used from during the war. It wasn’t until later when he recovered a jacket he was honored with from battle that made him want to remember the times he had through the Holocaust and World War II. Walter was strong and war took much away from him

This is me showing what I have learned from meeting veterans.
This is me showing what I have learned from meeting veterans.