Natalia S- Moving Collage

Wooden blocks, edited photograph, dictionary pages, mod podge.


I decided to use my own photograph of flowers and a typed Bible verse to describe something that’s important me and something I live by on a day to day basis. I used dictionary pages on the outer sides of the block to represent how important words are for me. I feel like society lives by words because we’re surrounded by them everywhere. I guess it all just depends on which words we choose to follow- everyone is different.

Natalia S- Accordion Book

Paper, marker, pencil, more markers...
Paper, marker, pencil, more markers…

The idea behind my accordion book has a lot to do with how I think life works. Different aspects of life (in this case, my book has dots that are made up of a bunch of different colors) add up and come together to form a single idea, thought, or symbol that mean something. In my pamphlet, I drew flowers, hearts, patterns, etc., things I draw or think about on a day to day basis.