The Other Side

Our mission at the National Veterans Art Museum is “to inspire a greater understanding of the real impact of war through the collection, preservation, and exhibition of art inspired by combat and created by veterans. The art in our collection helps civilians understand the effects of war and provides veterans with outlets for expression.” All of the work in our collection is created by artists that have served, but there is another side to the war experience. Mac MacDervitt is an teacher and artist that uses images and text from media created during the Vietnam War. Mac strongly disagreed with the Vietnam War and avoided the draft by enrolling in school to become an educator. However, even though he did not serve in the war, it has influenced his life greatly. Mac puts the images and text on wooden blocks and invites participants to rearrange the blocks to create meaningful conversations amongst the images in interactive collages. Check out the gallery below to see Mac and visiting veterans: Travis Bickford and Meosha Thomas interacting with the collages.